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  Claypool Ranch

Specializing in Halter & All Around Horses

Price List

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At Farm Services

Training $950

Training includes: Board and training, Turn out weather permitting. Weekly lesson & Finish First Braswell are included in the training fee.

Board $450

Board is full care only and includes blanketing and turn out weather permitting.

Lessons $40/hr

Lessons are Monday thru Thursday after 5. You can haul in or use our lesson horse.

Farrier, additional supplements & meds will be billed at cost to the client. All vet expenses will be billed directly to customer by veterinarian


Day fees $40

Day fees horses not in training $60

Banding $35

Horses not in barn $45

Braiding $50

Horses not in barn $75

Mileage $0.65/mile minimum $65

$0.10/mile if hauling your own horse and there are 4 or less horses in our trailer

Tack stalls & hotels shared equally by horses attending show. If more than 5 horses attend a show a second tack stall will be used.

10% charge on all checks written by Claypool Ranch on behalf of client/horse


10% commission is charged on all horses sold or purchased thru Claypool Ranch. Online ads, videos and travel expenses will be billed at cost, to the customer. 

All invoices 30 days past due will incur a $50 late fee, 60 days past due will incur a $100 late fee.

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